Events Update!

cool-japan-2016Check out many of the exciting events coming up in the next month!

02/25/2016 – Nihongo de OK, 6-7 PM (Tampa)

The second Nihongo de OK Japanese language only event is scheduled for Thursday 2/25 from 6-7pm. It’s an informal opportunity for learners of Japanese and those who speak Japanese as a second language to use Japanese. RSVP to John at tampakumi [at] for the location details.

02/27-02/28/2016 – COOL Japan, 12pm-5pm (Miami)

A FREE, family-friendly two-day event dedicated to Japanese Traditional & Pop Culture! Play games or participate in the contests to with prizes, drink tea and listen to J-pop or Taiko drumming. A few members of JETAA in Miami will be running a table on Sunday (02/28) about the JET Program and the awesome JETAA support network!

02/27/2016 – Miami Coffee 会話 (Kaiwa), 5pm – 7pm

A casual Japanese conversation meeting. Native Japanese and speakers of all proficiency levels are welcome. Contact Lauren at for more information.

03/03/2016 – Tampa Japanese Conversation Table

A Japanese conversation practice event! All levels are welcome, but come prepared to speak ONLY in Japanese. Contact John at for more information.

03/04/2016 – Tampa Tsudoi, 7pm – 9pm

Just a time to meet some people who share an interest in Japan. Both Japanese and English are spoken. Contact John at for more information.

03/05-06/2016 – 26th Annual Asian Culture Festival (Miami), 10am-6pm

An annual festival at the Fruit and Spice Park celebrating Asian culture. Come enjoy crafts, art, and exotic music and dance, as well as a tasty selection of authentic Eastern cuisine. Some Miami JET Alumni will be sharing information about the JET Program at CGJ Miami’s tent. Showcasing Japan, there will be an origami and shodo corner, an Ikebana demonstration, and taiko perforances!

Admission: $12 per person; Children Ages 6–12: $5

Call for Participation in a Translation Study

My name is Naoto, I am a research student in the University of Limerick, Ireland. My research is concerned with how translators carry out their work. We are hoping that you might be able to help us by carrying out some translations from Japanese into English and completing a questionnaire about your background and interests. You don’t need to be a native speaker of the source or the target language. We greatly value your contribution which will be of enormous value to our research. However, there is no payment for participating in this study, unfortunately.
はじめまして、西尾直人と申します。アイルランドのリムリック大学で日英の翻訳文をつかった研究をしています。現在、PhD の研究に使用する翻訳とアンケートへの参加を、翻訳者、語学習得者、語学の先生、学生など様々な方々にお願いをしています。JETプログラムに参加された皆様のご参加を頂きたく、この募集の案内を配布していただけないかと思い連絡させていただきました。各国で活躍されていらっしゃる日本語の先生の皆様、現在日本で活躍されている皆様それからその先生のもとでを勉強されている学生、生徒の皆様にお願いしたいと考えております。ご検討をどうかよろしくお願いいたします。

翻訳の原文は2つのテキストから構成されています。それぞれおよそ700文字ほどで1500文字程度の文章です。日本語の文章の英語への翻訳とそれに続くアンケートに答えていただける方を募集しています。母語、居住地などを問わず多数参加者を募集しています。翻訳者の仕事の仕方が研究のテーマなのですが翻訳者の観察ではなく翻訳文の分析に興味があり、この翻訳に続くアンケートは大変貴重な研究資料となります。アンケートは興味それからライフスタイルに関する事柄です。アンケートは翻訳に続き、リンク先のサーベーモンキー上 (でおねがいしています。



Naoto Nishio
University of Limerick,

Call for participants to carry out a translation from Japanese to English with no payment

Objective: Our research is concerned with how translators carry out their work.

Tasks: In this work we will be asking you to carry out two challenging translations from Japanese to English. The total length will be about 1500 moji. After that we will ask you various questions about your background and interests. Your translations and the other information, once anonymised, will be used in our project.

Closing date: 16/December/2013

Target candidate:

Candidates need to understand complex Japanese texts and be able to translate them into English.
Candidates do not need to be a professional translator. However, professional translators are welcome to participate.
Any nationality.
Any place of residence.
There is no age restriction.

Link to the translation tasks and questionnaire:
To participate, please send an email to

Survey questioners:
Naoto Nishio, Research Student
Richard Sutcliffe, Senior Lecturer

Note: Unfortunately, there is no payment for participating in this study. However, we greatly value your contribution which will be of enormous value to our research. Rest assured that the information gathered by us is confidential and that your identity will not be disclosed to anyone.

Tampa Tsudoi (new place!)

The Tampa Area Regional Representative hosts a Japanese conversation practice club (known as a tsudoi) the first Friday of every month starting at 7:00 PM.


Starting February 1, the location will be changing to the Panera Bread at 11860 Bruce B Downs Blvd in Tampa (just outside University of South Florida).


For more details, please email This event is free and open to anyone in the community, whether affiliated with JET or studying Japanese formally or informally (or if a native speaker).