Current Job Openings

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JET alumni often return from Japan with a number of skills and experiences that can be well-translated into many occupations. Finding a job is only one of the important (and stressful!) parts to reintegrating after JET. It can take weeks to months to find a new job, and while we advise current JETs to start the search well before their contract is over, we know it’s not always easy.

As we are notified of job openings, we will post them here. If you hear of a job opening that you think may appeal to our JETs, please send a brief job description, requirements, and application instructions to webmaster@floridajetaa.org. Postings should fit into at least one of the following categories:

  • Related to the country of Japan or the Japanese language
  • International experience is recommended
  • Related to teaching
  • Recommended by fellow JET alumni

Other Job Resources

While most postings will be related to opportunities in Florida, we recommend also the following webpages for more: