One common problem JET alumni face after they finish their time with the JET Program is how to verify their employment when applying for new jobs. In some cases, alumni may be able to put the contact information for their specific contracting organizations in Japan. For some, though, this may be impractical or impossible due to language barriers and/or the length of time after completing a contract.

The Japan Local Government Center in New York City (a branch of CLAIR that covers JET, JETAA, and other internationalization endeavors in the United States and Canada) can verify a JET’s participation and will provide JET alumni with a certificate of participation. To apply for this certificate, follow the instructions on this page.

If you must put a contact person, call or email the JET Program Coordinator attached to the consulate where you are registered with. Let him or her know the specifics for your dates, location, and job title with the JET Program. This will help speed up the process to find your records. Please be sure to notify the JET Coordinator prior to providing his or her contact information to a potential employer so that there is ample time to research and provide verification for the position.


Please note, JET Program Coordinators, the Japan Local Government Center, and CLAIR cannot provide any information further than verifying participation with the JET Program. For a description of your job duties and performance, you should direct a potential employer to a supervisor or coworker who is willing to provide a recommendation.