Many JETs choose to keep blogs or webpages highlighting their experiences with the JET Program. Here are some stories from our Florida JETs.

Nicolas just began his journey on the JET Program in August of 2018. Here is his vlog, “Agunikku” which he plans to continue while in Japan.

If you are a current or recent JET participant and would like to volunteer to share your unique experience with JET online, please send the following to the Webmaster at webmaster@floridajetaa.org:

1.) Name
2.) JET Placement Prefecture (e.g. Kumamoto)
3.) Years on JET (e.g. “2015-2017”)
4.) Photo (close-up)

For JET alumni who live in Japan, or make a visit, and would like to share your experience of your time after JET, you are welcome to also send your content to the Webmaster, and a special post will be created for you as well.