JET30 Reunion, Washington DC, August 4-6, Early Bird Registration

Please join us for the JET30 Reunion to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the JET Program, in Washington, D.C., August 4 – 6, 2017!

Visit for more information and to reserve your spot! Sign up NOW for EARLY BIRD PRICING THROUGH JUNE 30. Families & children are welcome to attend. There are many exciting events planned, including cultural activities, discussions with prominent JET alums, hosted receptions including a natsu-matsuri (don’t forget your yukata!), professional networking, and relaxed gatherings to meet with old friends and new. Saturday meals are included with registration. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate, reconnect, & reminisce on the 30th Anniversary of the JET Program!

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Save The Date: All-JET Alumni Reunion, August 4th-6th, 2017.

Celebrate. Reconnect. Reminisce.

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the JET Program at the JET30 All-JET Alumni Reunion in Washington, D.C., from August 4th-6th, 2017.

The event will be for JET Alumni, families, and friends. The reunion will feature guest speakers, special events, and opportunities to learn the latest in US-Japan relations, with plenty of time to reconnect with old friends and to meet new ones!

Learn more at

Boston Career Forum

Looking to apply your language skills and international experiences at a new job? Check out the Boston Career Forum for Japanese job opportunities.

Date: November 20th (Fri.) – 22nd (Sun.), 2015
Location: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC)

415 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210

Please refer to the official website for more information:


DISCO International Career Forum – JET alumni welcome

CAREER FORUM for Positions in the U.S., JET alumni welcome!
—————————————————————————DISCO International, organizer of the world’s largest job fairs for
Japanese-English speakers, cordially invites you to participate in
our only event focused on positions in the U.S.

CAREER FORUM for Positions in the U.S.
Saturday, May 30, 2015
Metropolitan Pavilion (North Pavilion)
110 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011

– No fee to register or attend
– Meet and interview face-to-face with companies
– Approximately 25 companies expected to attend
– Positions available all over the U.S.

Register now to receive updates about participating companies as
they sign up. It’s free, easy, and doesn’t require cancellation if
you decide not to attend.
Register here:

[Current Participating Companies (as of 5/11)]

CDH, P.C. (Public Accounting)
DAIEI TRADING CO., INC. (Wholesale Food Distribution)
JTB USA, INC. (Travel)
NHK INTERNATIONAL (Auto Parts Manufacturing)
RELO REDAC, INC. (Real Estate)
VALQUA AMERICA, INC. (Manufacturing)
Y’S PUBLISHING GROUP (Publishing/Media)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

We look forward to seeing you at the Career Forum!


DISCO International, Inc.

2015 Country Rep Election Results

Hi everyone! The results of the Country Rep elections are out! Here’s how voting works. Your elected officers for Florida JETAA  discuss and vote amongst ourselves to select which CRs to support. We then cast one vote for the whole chapter. This is one of the duties your elected officers do for Florida JETAA, so keep this in mind as you’re casting your vote in our current election. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact me at president[at]floridajetaa[dot]org any time.

CR Election Results

Message from Jessyca Livingstone,

Thank you to all the chapters that voted in the elections this year! I’d like to formally announce your 2015-16 JETAA USA Country Representatives:
  • Cheryl Hou (JETAA PNW)
  • Monica Yuki (JETAA NY)
  • Xander Peterson (JETAA NC)
Casey and Melissa will be stepping down and hopefully getting some rest after all the time and energy they’ve put into the organization this past year. These two women have been absolutely amazing. I have personally enjoyed working with them and feel that JETAA USA was lucky to have their leadership for as long as we did.
Thank you, Casey and Melissa!  お疲れさまでした!!
That being said, I am really excited about the team we have stepping into place this year. There will be a lot happening and I’m confident that we’ve got a group that can guide JETAA USA through to continued success and recognition. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from them directly after the transition takes place and our new team is up to speed!
The new CRs officially take on their roles this Friday (April 3rd) as the outgoing CRs plan their retirement somewhere sunny and warm where they can hang out and sing enka to their heart’s desire. 🙂
-Jessyca Livingston (RMJETAA)
JETAA USA Advisory Board Member
JETAA USA CR 2010-2012
ALT, Hokkaido 2003-06
E: jessyca(dot)livingston(at)gmail(dot)com

2015 Country Representative Elections

ANNOUNCEMENT: Country Representative Elections

The term for serving JETAA USA as a CR is one year and is determined by a vote of all chapters. There are three CR positions to be voted on for 2015-16. The requirements for candidacy can also be found in Article IX (pg 6) of the JETAA USA Bylaws available via the link or on our website ( >> About JETAA >> Bylaws).
All candidates must submit a platform by March 5 (Thursday), 2015 in order to be considered. 
These can be submitted to Jessyca Livingston, Elections Officer, as an email attachment. 
Any incomplete, falsified or late platforms will not be considered.
A platform consists of 4 total pieces. These items are also outlined and available on the CR Elections webpage of our JETAA USA website. All platform items will be posted to the public JETAA USA website as that will be the online resource used to present this year’s candidates:
  1. a written platform– this should not exceed two written pages; examples are on the website (About JETAA >> Current Country Reps >> select any of the current CR’s landing pages)
  2. a headshot of the candidate
  3. the Chapter Endorsement form– this should be filled out by chapter officers for the chapter where the candidate served as an officer
  4. the Financial Endorsement form– this should be filled out by chapter officers from the chapter that the candidate is currently a member of
**Please send a Microsoft Word version of your platform since I have to cut/ paste the information onto the website! PDFs are completely fine for the Endorsement forms. (FYI- both Endorsement forms require signatures of chapter officers.)
In preparation to become a CR or to help you decide whether or not to run, I recommend reading the JETAA USA Bylaws and the CR Job Description. This will help you understand what responsibilities you can expect to take on as CR and how the organization functions as a whole. Of course, any of the current CRs would be more than happy to discuss the position with you as well!
Platforms can be submitted electronically to: 

CAREER FORUM for Positions in the U.S.

I received the following message about a career forum being held in NYC on June 14th.

Details below:

My name is Catherine Rackley of DISCO International
(aka  I hope you don’t mind my
contacting you out of the blue, but as a fellow JET alumnus
(Shibayama, Chiba 2005-2006) I wanted to make some information
available to you and your JETAA Florida members about a job
fair for Japanese-English speakers that we will be holding
next month.

If you haven’t heard of our Career Forums before,
allow me to offer a brief explanation.  We hold
them a few times a year in Japan and the U.S. and
on a smaller scale in Sydney and London. However,
our Boston Career Forum is our biggest event, spanning
three days and featuring over 200 companies.

These events are not just an excellent chance to
see what kind of job market is out there for Japanese
speakers, but above all a real opportunity to land
a job that makes use of both Japanese language and
a sincere interest in Japan.  They are, of course,
completely free for job seekers to attend.

As I mentioned, our next event is coming up next
month and is already featuring some great companies
like Disney, Fujisankei Communcations, JTB (Travel)
and others with even more expected to sign up.

CAREER FORUM for Positions in the U.S.
Saturday, June 14, 11:00AM – 6:00PM
Metropolitan Pavilion, 2F (New York, NY)

If you would be so kind as to forward this
information on to your members, it would be
greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to include
the information on your site’s job posting section
or Facebook page as well with my contact info included.
I truly hope that some members will be able to take
this opportunity to use their experience in Japan
and Japanese skills in their careers.

Please feel free to contact me if you
or any of your JETAA Florida members have
any questions at all.

Kind regards,


Regional Conference Update 2014

Our Vice President Allan just returned from the JETAA Regional Conference that was held in Boston last week. Please enjoy the following message about his experience:

Let me start by saying it was both a great honor and humbling to attend the conference in Boston. I met JETAA alumni from around North America, enjoyed many great discussions, and the camaraderie was refreshing and fun. NEJETAA did a great job hosting and they have lots of good people in their group.

The conference had a wide range of workshops and discussions that centered on acquiring and maintaining membership. One important discussion was the “JETAA Initiative” which is to create a national 501(c)3 JETAA organization. Here is the URL for the “prezi” presentation:

Additional discussions were on how to structure your chapter to meet your needs, delegating duties, creating of sub-chapters for wide geographical areas, tools for chapter/member communications, how to bring in alumni, how to maintain and encourage present alumni, how to hold a professional event, fostering relations with Japan-focused organizations, and a senpai/kohai program for alumni and present JETs.

Thank you again for allowing me to represent FLJETAA and please contact me at if you have any questions or would like copies of the conference notes. Thank you and have a nice day/evening.

Allan M.
Vice President Florida JETAA