JETAA Board Nominations!

It’s election season! Our board members serve 2-year terms, and several of them will be up this year. The open positions are president, vice president, information officer, and webmaster (read position descriptions here).

If interested in any of these positions, please send a brief platform statement (roughly about 100-200 words) introducing yourself and explaining why you want to hold this position. These bios will be used to introduce you to Florida JETAA for the voting process.

Please send bios along with mention of which position you are running for to by January 31. Voting will open in early February and will last for 2 weeks. Results will be announced shortly afterward and incoming officers will have approximately a month and a half to prepare for the transition with their predecessors. The new term will begin on April 1.

JET Alumni Survey from Tokyo

The Tokyo office is asking for a survey of JET alumni in our area, including those not necessarily affiliated with Florida JETAA.

If you don’t mind, please send the following information to me at

1. Name

2. Name in katakana

3. Gender

4. Birth year

5. Current job (title, organization)

6. Current city

7. Contracting Organization in Japan

8. Position (ALT, CIR, SEA)

9. Years of participation (ex: 1989-1991)

10. Member of Florida JETAA (yes or no)

11. Email address

12. Phone number Thank you!


Additionally, we have been asked to get in touch with anyone who did a study abroad in Japan to follow up to see where they ended up going with their careers. Please let me know if this is a survey you would be interested in participating with as well.


Finally, please note that the JET Program Coordinator’s email address has changed. It is now

Looking for JET Recruiters AND School Presenters!

Do you like to talk? Do you like to talk about your time in Japan? Do you like having a captive audience?

If so, there are two great opportunities for you!

1. JET Recruiting:

It’s fall, and that means it’s JET Recruiting time. This is our key season to drum up interest in the JET application for next year. We will be hosting JET information sessions at universities across the state and may need help from JET alumni in informing potential applicants about JET, answering questions, handing out brochures, and just sharing their own experiences. Alumni who help with recruiting will be provided with a PowerPoint presentation, brochures, various other recruiting materials, help with setting up a time and location, and a $50 honorarium. There are limited numbers of honorariums, so that limits the number of information sessions we can do with alumni. Contact if interested (note: that email address will be changing in the near future, so if it does not work, call the consulate at (305) 530-9090 and ask to speak with the JET Coordinator).

2. School Visits:

The consulate often does school visits around Miami Dade and Broward counties, but we occasionally get requests from schools too far away for us to be able to get to or that request us to come when we are not available. In these cases, we would like to be able to provide the names and contact information of nearby JET alumni who may be interested in talking about Japan. Again, please email if interested (or call the consulate in Miami if that email address is no longer working). If this is something you already do, please register with us so that we can keep track of it. We can also offer limited numbers of $50 honorariums, so why not be rewarded for your volunteer work?

Orlando JETAA Dinner

Please mark your calendars!  The Orlando JETAA will be getting together for dinner this month.  See details below:
Day:  Thursday, June 28th
Time:  7:30pm
Location: Sushi Pop, 310 W. Mitchell Hammock Rd, Oviedo, FL
RSVP by June 26th to either Alison at or Tom at
Guests are welcome to attend as well!  Looking forward to catching up with everyone!

Tampa Natsu Matsuri in JQ Magazine!

The latest issue of JQ – the online magazine for JET alumni through JETAA NY – highlights the Tampa Natsu Matsuri!


For the article, click on either of the following links:



Congratulations to John McGee, the Tampa Regional Representative and founder of the Tampa Florida Matsuri, for this great recognition!