Florida JETAA is the local chapter for the Japan Exchange & Teaching Program’s Alumni Association serving the entire state of Florida. Our purpose is to aid JET alumni in transitioning into their post-JET lives and help them maintain their connection with Japan and the JET Program. We aim to maintain and build upon the spirit of community involvement and global awareness many JETs develop in Japan and redirect that attention to the state of Florida. We also strive to connect JET alumni with members of the Japanese community in Florida and support the Japanese Consulate in recruiting a new generation of JETs.

Florida JETAA is affiliated with the Consulate General of Japan in Miami. There is one official subchapter in Tampa and there are Regional Representatives located throughout the state. Florida JETAA maintains an active web presence via Facebook, Twitter, and our website to best serve our spread out constituents.

What does JETAA-Florida do?

  • Keep Florida JET Alumni connected
  • Share Japanese culture in the U.S.
  • Bridge relations between Japan & FL
  • Promote JET throughout Florida
  • Host fun and educational events for local communities
  • Connect with Nat’l & Int’l JET Alumni
  • Fundraise for charities

JET alumni wishing to register with Florida JETAA should fill out the registration form on the Joining Florida JETAA page. Friends of JET are also eligible to sign up for our email list using the joining Florida JETAA link and Facebook Group.

For information about our elected officers go here: https://www.floridajetaa.org/about/florida-jetaa-board/

For information about our regional representatives go here: https://www.floridajetaa.org/about/regions/

Header photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash.