I received the following message about a career forum being held in NYC on June 14th.

Details below:

My name is Catherine Rackley of DISCO International
(aka CareerForum.net).  I hope you don’t mind my
contacting you out of the blue, but as a fellow JET alumnus
(Shibayama, Chiba 2005-2006) I wanted to make some information
available to you and your JETAA Florida members about a job
fair for Japanese-English speakers that we will be holding
next month.

If you haven’t heard of our Career Forums before,
allow me to offer a brief explanation.  We hold
them a few times a year in Japan and the U.S. and
on a smaller scale in Sydney and London. However,
our Boston Career Forum is our biggest event, spanning
three days and featuring over 200 companies.

These events are not just an excellent chance to
see what kind of job market is out there for Japanese
speakers, but above all a real opportunity to land
a job that makes use of both Japanese language and
a sincere interest in Japan.  They are, of course,
completely free for job seekers to attend.

As I mentioned, our next event is coming up next
month and is already featuring some great companies
like Disney, Fujisankei Communcations, JTB (Travel)
and others with even more expected to sign up.

CAREER FORUM for Positions in the U.S.
Saturday, June 14, 11:00AM – 6:00PM
Metropolitan Pavilion, 2F (New York, NY)

If you would be so kind as to forward this
information on to your members, it would be
greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to include
the information on your site’s job posting section
or Facebook page as well with my contact info included.
I truly hope that some members will be able to take
this opportunity to use their experience in Japan
and Japanese skills in their careers.

Please feel free to contact me if you
or any of your JETAA Florida members have
any questions at all.

Kind regards,


We invite you all to attend our biggest annual event, the Tampa Natsumatsuri! Come for Japanese games, food, auction, and sales of arts & crafts, books, and more! The festival will be held on 6/14/2014 from 9 AM to 12 PM at 821 S Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa, Florida. Free!

natsumatsuri flyer 14

Recently, Prime Minister’s Office distributed We Are Tomodachi Winter 2013, which covered the Abe administration’s economic policies, Japanese traditional cuisine known as “washoku,” tourism, and other captivating aspects of Japan. We also launched a website that provides the most up-to-date information and it has been very well received by its readers.

As a part of our activities, we have also launched an electronic magazine that characterizes Japan and people whose interest stays about Japan.  We hope this helps you to understand Japan in a deeper way while also drawing your attention to some of its interesting features. You can find this publication at the following URL:


The issue just released highlights the following topics.

▽ “Abenomics” Is Progressing
“Abenomics” forms the backbone of the Abe administration’s policies.  This article provides an easy-to-read explanation of the latest developments within the Abenomics Growth Strategy as well as its outcomes over the year since the administration’s inauguration.

▽ “Proactive Contribution to Peace”
This article introduces the reader to the formulation of Japan’s first-ever National Security Strategy, the formulation and structural enhancement of Japan’s National Defense Program, which goes hand-in-hand with that Strategy, and the enactment of the Special Intelligence Protection Act, which ensures that information is properly protected.

▽ Japan As Seen through the Eyes of Non-Japanese We asked several non-Japanese who are intimately familiar with Japanese culture to talk about its appeal.  This article also features some of the things that have surprised visitors to Japan and highlights some ways to enjoy a stay in Japan to the very fullest.

▽ Tourism in Japan
What says spring more perfectly than sakura?  This article spotlights some of the best-loved locations for viewing sakura, or cherry blossoms, in areas all around the country.  It also includes the most up-to-date information on tourism in Japan, which is getting more and more convenient all the time.

In the future we wish to keep expanding the circle of people who are well acquainted with these aspects of Japan.  We hope you introduce this electronic magazine as well as the Tomodachi website (http://japan.kantei.go.jp/letters/index.html) widely to the people around you, including your friends, colleagues, and other people in your community.  We look forward to your assistance in spreading the word about these.

We also hope that you register on our website to receive our magazine by e-mail so that we can keep you informed of the latest information.  This is a good opportunity to register for the magazine if you haven’t done so already.

The Abe administration will continue to develop its policies more and more going forward.  With your assistance, we will continue to send out the message of both Japan’s efforts and its areas of appeal to people everywhere around the globe.  We would like to continue to be engaged with you and help you understand Japan better.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

To join the mailing list, please contact Michael Herrero, JET Program Coordinator, michael.herrero@mi.mofa.go.jp

Presented by SEUS/Japan Assoc. in partnership and hosted by The Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens



MAY 19, 2014

FLORIDA DELEGATION, SOUTHEAST U.S./JAPAN ASSOCIATION (‘SEUS/JAPAN’) is pleased to announce that Florida Secretary of State Kenneth Detzner has confirmed his plans to participate, along with Japanese Consul General Shinji Nagashima, in the 11th Annual Florida-Japan Summit this year hosted by and presented in partnership with The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, FL, on the afternoon of Monday, May 19, 2014 from 1:45 – 4:45 pm. The half day program will feature keynote remarks by Consul General Nagashima of the Consulate General in Miami.

In addition to the half-day summit program on the afternoon of May 19, a networking reception will be held immediately following on the evening of Monday May 19, from 5:00-6:30 PM at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens as well for all registered participants. The reception will include special remarks by a Wakayama, Japan government official regarding the upcoming 20th anniversary of the State of Florida’s official sister state relationship with Wakayama. Registration and admission to this year’s Summit is $25, which includes a Japanese ‘Bento’ box lunch available prior to the summit program and participants will have the option for a self-tour of the Morikami Japanese Gardens. Online registration is now available; please click here to register. You may also contact SEUS/Japan for more information by phone: (786) 235-8289; by e-mail: info@fl-seusjapan.org; or online at:


Enterprise Florida and Team Volusia EDC are co-sponsoring this year’s summit. Additional and/or promotional support is being provided by the following supporting organizations: The Florida Atlantic University School of Urban and Regional Planning; The Greater Ft. Lauderdale Alliance; The Palm Beach Business Development Board; The Japan Foundation for Global Partnership; The Beacon Council; The World Trade Center Miami; The Doral Chamber of Commerce; and The Consulate General of Japan in Miami.

Founded in 1975, the mission of Florida Delegation, SEUS/Japan is to promote ties of trade, investment, tourism, education and friendship between Florida, Japan, and six other southeast U.S. states through an annual joint meeting program hosted in regular rotation by SEUS/Japan member states and Japan. Florida Delegation, SEUS/Japan has individual, non-profit and corporate membership programs open to all individuals, businesses and organizations interested in supporting Florida Delegation, SEUS/Japan’s mission. The next 37th Annual SEUS/Japan joint meeting will be held in Tokyo this coming September 18-20, visit us online for more details. SEUS/Japan holds the annual summit meeting programs around the State. This will be the second time the Morikami has hosted the event, as it hosted the 1st summit in 2003.

More details here: http://www.fl-seusjapan.org/documents/11AnnualFl-JapanSummit2014.pdf