Dear JETAA members,

It’s that time of the year for our annual JETAA Bonenkai!

This year’s JETAA Bonenkai will be once again held at Sekita-san’s restaurant, Koume in Plantation (just outside of Miami). Sekita-san was once the former JET coordinator for the Japanese Consulate and helped many of us get into the JET program. He makes delicious food and is an awesome host!

This will be a pre-set meal of $20 per person, which involves several courses: soup, salad, appetizers, sushi, other dishes and desert. That is a lot of food for that amount of money especially since Japanese food is so expensive. Each year, he surprises us with a unique menu. Last year we had nabe and oden on our menu among other things.

The cost of drinks and tip are not included into the deal, so that would be paid separately by you.

This will be a cost-sharing event, meaning that some of the meal will be paid from JETAA funds that will cover part of the meal and you will cover the rest. So the cost can vary depending on how many or how little people come and what drinks you order.

Location: Koume Japanese Restaurant
11905 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation, FL. 33323
Tel: 954-577-9277
(located in the Petsmart Plaza)

Date: December 21, 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 6:30pm

Please RSVP to Wendy, deadline to RSVP is Dec. 13th and tell us if you are bringing a guest. You can RSVP by emailing me at wlo01[at] or on the Facebook event page:

I hope you can all make it!

If you RSVP and later cannot make it, please have the courtesy and let us know by Dec. 19th, because once we give the final numbers to Sekita-san we have to end up paying for the person who doesn’t show up, which is not fun for those who have to foot your bill.

Hope to see you there!

Wendy Lo

FL-JETAA, S. Florida Regional Rep.

Our annual Orlando End of the Year Bounenkai outing will be held at Suki Hanna in Hunter’s Creek on Tuesday the 17th. All you can eat sushi and more for only $22.

Hope to see you to reminisce about Japan with good company along with lots of holiday cheer…with possible karaoke to follow!

Please try to RSVP by the 14th.  If you did not receive the evite, please write to

Orlando Bounenkai

Orlando Bounenkai

Date: December 16th

Time: 9:30 A.M.-1:30 P.M.

Where: Florida International University: GC Pit and LG 100

Details: event details

“Viva Japón! Taiko & Etc.” is an educational and cultural outreach event organized by Florida International University’s Japanese Language Program in association with the Modern Languages Department, Asian Studies Program, and the Consulate-General of Japan in Miami. Its core mission is to offer a rare opportunity to engage first-hand with a wide variety of Japanese arts to 1) students interested in Japan at the Grade 9-16 levels and 2) local residents in South Florida. Central to this new event will be its partnership with “*Japan Immersion Day*,” an annual celebration of Japanese culture that FIU’s Modern Languages Department and Asian Studies Program hosts in cooperation with the Association of Florida Teachers of Japanese (AFTJ) and the Consulate General of Japan in Miami. Japan Immersion Day has been a mainstay of the Japanese Program’s cultural outreach efforts since 2000 and attracts a large number of students and faculty from both inside and outside the Asian Studies disciplines with its calligraphy demonstrations, sushi workshops, and kimono try-ons. As a well-established event in the university community and beyond, we are confident that Japan Immersion Day will provide our own event with a great deal of exposure.

The main mission of “Viva Japón! Taiko & Etc.” is to introduce a Japanese cultural outreach event that can provide large-scale Japanese arts performances and workshops to complement the smaller-scale, more intimate activities of Japan Immersion Day. South Florida is home to Japanese cultural and musical artists from a variety of disciplines. Yet, strangely enough, there are no community-based events that bring all of them together in the name of promoting Japanese culture. For this reason, this event will feature local ikebana professionals, taiko artists, koto players, and Japanese martial arts experts.

Event Sponsored by the Association for Florida Teachers of Japanese (AFTJ), Department of Modern Languages, Asian Studies Program, and the Consulate of Japan in Miami.

JET alum Wesley Julian just released a trailer for the documentary he is working on about those who went to help in Tohoku after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. The documentary is a story of true friendship and commitment to Japan’s recovery by the international community following the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tohoku Tomo is expected to be released in early 2014.

Please check out the trailer!