Looking for Japanese native speakers or interpreters interested in working for a few weeks in West palm Beach

All Global Solutions is looking for a few Japanese native speakers to work as interpreters for an aviation client of mine.

All Global Solutions International., Inc.

Alexandre Monot

Founder & President
Email: alexm@allgsi.com
Phone number: (561) 889-6488
Web Site: www.allgsi.com

Please contact Alexandre directly if interested.

(This position is not endorsed or vetted by Florida JETAA)


There is a new site that allows you to teach English for your own set fee and on your own time schedule.  Check it out.

Message below:

To whom it may concern,

Our company, Cybertrans Ltd., is launching Talkalive. Talkalive is the website to teach and learn English online.

We believe that Talkalive can give the opportunity for those who like teaching to teach English online. Therefore, we are sure that many people who have done JET programme in Japan would be interested in Talkalive.
Is it possible to inform the launch of Talkalive to the JET alumni? Please have a look at www.talkalive.net

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best regards,

Naoki Yamamoto
Managing Director
Talkalive (Managed by Cybertrans Ltd.)
TEL: 02084322313
Mail: info@talkalive.net
Web: www.talkalive.net

JET alumni around the state can meet with this year’s new group of kouhai after their Q&A sessions! Come, eat, drink, answer questions, and talk about the good ole days! Everyone will have to cover their own costs of food and drink, but this is a great way to reconnect to JET and get to knew the new generation of JETs!

Please RSVP for any and all sessions you might like to attend:


Date: June 18
8:00n PM
Where: Shin Sushi (803 N. Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32801)
RSVP: Alison, secretary@floridajetaa.org


Date: June 22
Time: after Q&A; email for precise time
Where: Liang’s Bistro (17515 Bruce B Downs Blvd  Tampa, FL 33647)
RSVP: John, tampa@floridajetaa.org


Date: June 28
Time: 7:30 PM
Where: Mi-kan Japanese restaurant (80 SW 8th Street, 1st Floor; same building as consulate)
RSVP: Abby, jet@mi.mofa.go.jp

Dear Florida JETAA Members,

This is your South Florida representative, Wendy Lo, I would like to hold a JETAA Tanabata get together at my new place on Saturday, July 6th at 2pm.

Hopefully my small backyard will be done by then (-_-)’. If not, oh well it’s too hot to go outside anyways. 🙂


My new place is located in Coral Springs, Florida in the Broward County area. It will be convenient for those in Miami-Dade and West Palm Beach to attend. We also welcome JETAA members outside the S. Florida area.

In the tradition of a Japanese summer festival  I am suggesting that people attending to wear a yukata or jinbei. I have a few ladies yukatas with obi that I can lend out for the party and three men’s jinbei and one men’s yukata (but no obi).

I will also have some tanzaku slips in which you can write your wishes for Tanabata. I have no bamboo in my house, but I will bring them over to the Morikami on Monday to tie to our Tanabata Bamboo in the lobby.

Kakigori (Japanese shaved ice), watermelon, and cold soumen noodles will be served. Summer foods often eaten in Japan.

This is a potluck so please feel free to bring a food item or drink.


My place is a townhouse, so its small and has very very limited parking so car pooling is encouraged. Some of you might have to park in the apartment complex behind me and walk over.

Please RSVP me at wlo01@hotmail.com by July 1st, so that I know how much food and drinks to get. If you are bringing a guest please include that in your RSVP.

If you plan to bring a food item, please let me know and I will place that on a list. Those who RSVPed will get the instructions to my place and where you can park on July 1st.

This is a great way to meet new and old JET alumni and to reconnect to our time in Japan. I hope to see you there!



Wendy Lo

JETAA-FL, South Florida Rep.

(Toyama-ken, 2002-2005)