Japan’s National Tourism Organization has launched a new travel campaign aimed at increasing the number of tourists to Japan. Part of the campaign involves the chance to register for a free trip to Japan!



From Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens:

This coming January we will have our Morikami New Year Festival, Oshogatsu, on January 13, 2013.


We would like to ask the Japanese community and Japanese-related organizations in South Florida if they can volunteer their time to help out at this booth by writing names in Japanese with a traditional brush and ink. Knowledge of how to write in Japanese Katakana required.

All materials will be provided by the Morikami.

The Morikami Education Department among the many activities we are doing will have a tent on calligraphy. All proceeds from this tent, will go towards funding our MORY program. MORY stands for More Opportunities to Reach Youth, which invites underserved youth to participate in the Morikami’s Summer Tour-Plus Program. This funding covers their admission fare, bus transportation, and materials for the program. We hope to raise enough money to keep providing this free program to these underserved children located in neighborhoods that are often overlooked.


We have three different shifts that you can choose from:

1. morning shift from 9:30am-1:30pm

2. afternoon shift from 1:00-5:00pm


3. The whole day 9:30am-5:00pm


We would like to have at least 3 volunteers per shift.


What will happen at this Calligraphy Tent?

Throughout the festival day, one of our staff will do several simple 10-minute presentation of what is Shodo, calligraphy and demonstrate. Throughout the day we will have volunteers that will write visitors’ names in Japanese for a price of $1 per name. Again, all proceeds will go towards our MORY program, which is in need of funding for this summer.


We hope that you can take the time to volunteer at the Morikami and for a good cause! Plus you get the chance to enjoy our Oshogatsu Festival!


For students they will be able to earn volunteer service hours for their school.

Please pass this email to anyone you think maybe interested in volunteering.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Wendy Lo at 561-495-0233 x. 235 or wlo@pbcgov.org by December 28.


You can fill out an adult or student volunteer application form here and send, fax, or email it to the Morikami, please indicate that you are volunteering for the Calligraphy tent on the application:



Job Posting for Position in the Political/Economic Affairs Section

1.  Background on the Consulate-General of Japan in Detroit:

In 1993, as a result of the growing number of Japanese residents and businesses in Michigan and Ohio, the Consulate-General of Japan in Detroit was established. Consulate surveys indicate that there is now a combined total of 900 Japanese owned facilities in Michigan and Ohio.  The current two-state population of Japanese nationals exceeds 18,000.

Important consulate missions include:  providing support and service to local Japanese nationals, promoting trade and business development between Japan and the U.S., and strengthening U.S.-Japan relations and mutual understanding through various local economic, educational and cultural activities and exchanges.

2.  Available Position (Full-time):

  • Research Analyst in the Political/Economic Affairs Section

3.  Main Responsibilities:

  • Assistance in consulate efforts to strengthen U.S-Japan trade and investment within the states of Ohio and Michigan; duties include:
    • gathering, organizing and analyzing information on relevant economic and political issues in the states;
    • administering the consulate’s annual Japanese Direct Investment Survey.
    • drafting speeches and official correspondence for the Consul General and Deputy Consul General.

4.  Requirements:

  • Four-year university degree;
  • Ability to research, analyze and communicate political and economic topics;
  • High proficiency in Microsoft Office suite, especially Excel and Access; Photoshop and mapping software experience preferred;
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.

5.  Required materials for application:

  • Resume, cover letter, and list of references.

6.  Application procedures:

  • Electronic submission of the above-mentioned materials to: info@dt.mofa.go.jp
  • Applications will be reviewed within two weeks of receipt; select applicants will be contacted directly to schedule an interview.