Company: JET Program
Company URL:
Location: Japan
Contact Person: JET Program Coordinator (Miami) Email:

Job Title: Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) or Coordinator for International Relations (CIR)
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Salary: ¥3,360,000-¥3,960,000 (before tax)
Deadline: December 2 (note: approximate)
Job Description:
ALT: Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) account for the highest percentage of JETs. ALTs work in elementary, junior high, or high schools, and sometimes also visit special needs or technical schools. ALTs support Japanese teachers in the classroom, and their duties largely consist of creating games, tests, and worksheets, as well as finding creative ways to promote English proficiency and intercultural learning.

CIR: Coordinators for International Relations (CIR) are required to have an advanced level of Japanese proficiency, and often work in local government offices as liaisons between Japan and other countries. CIR responsibilities vary from position to position, but often include translation, working with international envoys and exchange groups, and occasionally teaching English.

Required Experience/Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any subject by July 1, 2012
  • U.S. citizenship to apply through the United States
  • Upper Intermediate-Advanced Japanese proficiency (required for CIRs only)
  • Not have lived in Japan for 6 or more years since 2002
  • Not have participated with the JET Program for the past 3 years
  • Possess native or near native language skills
  • Be physically and mentally healthy enough to live and work in another country
  • Not have withdrawn from the 2011 JET Program year after being notified of location

Preferred Experience/Skills:

  • Any level of Japanese proficiency
  • Foreign language study and/or proficiency (especially Japanese)
  • International or intercultural experience (including travel and volunteer)
  • Teaching and/or tutoring experience
  • Adaptability
  • Possess an interest in Japanese matters (including history, culture, language, music, etc…)

Additional Information:
Application will become available on or around October 31.

For the 2012 year, those who have or will have a bachelor’s degree by April 1 and are interested in departing before the standard July/August departure dates may request being considered for “Early Departure” (in which case departure could take place in mid-April or any time between April and late July).