Submitted by: Allan M.; Saitama-ken, 2005-2007 Date Submitted: 7/2/2011

Name: Hiro Japanese Restaurant
Address: 3007 NE 163rd Street North Miami Beach, FL 33160 305-948-3687
Review Type: Business (Restaurant)


Review: The owner’s of the infamous and popular Hiro’s Yakko-san have parted ways and opened their own individual restaurants. This is part 1 of a 2-part review after the split up.

The “new” Hiro’s is a disappointment and riding the reviews of the old place. What’s left is a dirty restaurant with staff that
speak out any random Japanese words they know when a customer enters. Add this to the lounge and the neon lights and our group were uncomfortable from the start.

Their menu is still quite varied, with both sushi and traditional offerings. We ordered a selection of appetizers, sushi and a few
dishes we just had to try. The service was very good, in fact a bit annoying as we always had someone watching us or coming by as the restaurant wasn’t full.

As our food began arriving (we asked for it to come as it was ready) we dived in to see what the new standards were like. To put it
bluntly, the food was a blight. The sushi was mostly frozen or less than stellar quality, over priced with small cuts of fish, the rolls worse with loose rice and fish of worse quality. Some of the fish actually had a weird taste to it that we couldn’t place. The cooked dishes were no better. Tempura was oily, nasu eggplant was over cooked with a thick miso paste (and the wrong kind of eggplant), natto was warm and lost it pungency and the soups tasted prepackaged.

In the end, this incarnation of Hiro’s does provide a wide range of dishes of authentic Japanese cuisine and American faire but the
lack in quality and exorbitant prices make this place nor worth anyone’s time as the “good ol’ days” are gone.


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